Preparing for Academic and Career Transition

photo[1]Tis the season for graduate school and employment applications.  Therefore, I have spent a good bit of the past month writing letters of recommendation for an array of student applicants.  As a university faculty member and museum employer, I offer guidelines to students on this process.  The guidelines are not necessarily those I created, but rather flow from conversations with my colleagues both within and outside of higher education.  Here are three relevant slideshare presentations.

  • Here is a presentation I gave to graduates of the AmeriCorps NCCC Southern District Teams.  The presentation includes results of my informal faculty survey on their recommendations when applying to graduate school.
  • Here is a presentation I routinely give to graduate students in the Anthropology Department at the University of Memphis.  The presentation is based on my question to area employers, “If you could tell graduate students about one professional standard that is routinely violated but is of critical importance as they embark on their careers – what is that standard?”
  • Here is a presentation by my colleague Amy Santee on a critical career tool – developing a digital presence.  Amy delivered this presentation in a recent workshop to graduate students in the Anthropology Department at the University of Memphis.

And here is a post that discusses the many aspects of asking for letters of recommendation for both graduate school and other types of applications.

Happy Festivus!

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2 thoughts on “Preparing for Academic and Career Transition”

  1. Great links and great information. I am sharing this with an Anthropology Prosem course I’m just finishing up now.

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