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Making Public Outreach the Norm in Archaeology

April 12, 2015

From the Tennessee Council for Professional Archaeology . . .

Tennessee Council for Professional Archaeology

A recent exchange on Facebook prompted TCPA President Dr. Tanya Peres to think more about public archaeology, and the best practices for archaeological professionals when it comes to conducting public outreach and education.   

Tanya M. Peres, PhD, RPA
President, Tennessee Council for Professional Archaeology
Director, Rutherford County Archaeology Research Program

Chances are you do archaeology because you have a passion for the past. How often do non-archaeologists remark that you have the coolest job, then launch into a litany of questions about what you do, what you find, where you’ve worked? Public interest in archaeology and the past is at an all time high. Yet, many archaeologists still shy away from actively participating in regular public outreach. I’m here to confess, I used to be one of them. Then I realized, this is not an “all or nothing” proposition. Yes, there are archaeologists that specialize in public archaeology/outreach. They…

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  1. April 24, 2015 1:27 pm

    This is a great article. Interesting. I’m doing my bit in a small way, by trying to show youngsters how archaeology really is, by basing my young teenage adventures around realistic digs. Anything about archaeology for older children is still unfortunately depicted as unrealistic, Indiana Jones-like… they need to know that it is pretty exciting as it is, without all the added make-believe!

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