Jamie Glavic presents a fantastic discussion on the role cultural heritage professional in the coming years.

Museum Minute

Close your eyes and think about the museum professionals in your life: your colleagues, your friends and your partners in crime. They’re passionate people, right? And driven. And pretty darn smart. However, passion, drive and smarts aren’t all we need in our professional lives. We need fair compensation, feasible (if still challenging) expectations and opportunities for further professional development and enrichment to not only help us navigate our own museum-centric career paths but to also become more effective contributors to our organizations, thus furthering their missions and serving the community at large.

I love working in a museum, and I am thankful for the opportunity, network, luck and happenstance that has been my path in the profession. That being said, I want to dive a little deeper into the “structure” of the field: what we look for in new hires and what to look out for as a professional –…

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