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November 23, 2012

Great comments by Clay Shirky on open access journals and mission . . .

Omega Alpha | Open Access

Author, consultant, and teacher Clay Shirky was the general session speaker on Wednesday, November 7 at the 2012 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado. The session was entitled “IT as a Core Academic Competence,” and within it Clay Shirky described how the Internet, especially as a milieu for collaboration, is dramatically impacting how people learn and changing the ways in which knowledge is created and shared. The video of the session is available on the EDUCAUSE website, and Shirky’s presentation, which starts about 20 minutes in, is well worth a view.

The first question in the Q&A following Shirky’s presentation (at 59:40) was about open access journals. His response:

The real tension around open access journals is that institutions occasionally get to this moment—the moment I think our community is in—where you’re given a choice between conserving your mission and conserving your practices. Institutions tend to want to preserve the…

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