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This week I am sharing a post from Project Archaeology blog written by Maureen Molloy.  Maureen is the Manager of Education and Outreach at the Society for American Archaeology (SAA).  In Maureen’s guest post she traces some of her experiences in Public Archaeology over the past 25 years.  Over that period Maureen has worked in a diversity of museum and archaeological park settings, including at the National Museum of Natural History and with the National Park Service.  She created innovative educational materials in archaeology such as the 30-hour course Archaeology and Multicultural Education for the Maryland Department of Education and co-edited the volume Archaeologists and Local Communities:  Partners in Exploring the Past published by the SAA.

Maureen also now serves as the Chesapeake Region Coordinator of Project Archaeology Coordinator.  Project Archaeology “is a comprehensive archaeology and heritage education program for everyone interested in learning or teaching about our nation’s rich cultural legacy and protecting it for future generations to learn from and enjoy.”

I have yet to meet Maureen in the flesh, though we have corresponded via email and on the phone about matters related to public education in archaeology.  Maureen’s blog post provides an excellent understanding of where Public Archaeology has come from and where it can go.

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